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'Ceramic Furniture Rests' – The Definitive Guide

by Peter Garland

Ceramic Furniture Rests is the first book to be written about these decorative and unusual items. It is lavishly illustrated with images of rests in the author’s collection and of other rests made available to him by others. 

The book details the results of the author’s research carried out over many years. It describes the function of ceramic rests and addresses the question of whether some of them were used as sash window stops rather than furniture rests, as is sometimes suggested.

‘Ceramic Furniture Rests’ details the places and dates of manufacture of ceramic furniture rests and identifies, or suggests the identities of, the subjects depicted. At the end of the book is an appendix showing images of the author’s collection and of other rests provided to him.  Find out more about furniture rests.

Peter Garland has been collecting ceramic furniture rests for over 40 years and has a collection of more than 200 pieces.

Some of the ceramic furniture rests included in Peter Garland’s book.

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" At last we have what will probably turn out to be the definitive work on this topic as Peter Garland has recorded his unique collection into a valuable reference source."